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Monday, September 6, 2010

Kenya's Interests are better served if it says Out Of Somalia

By Samir H

   A bunch of sisyphus morons in the kenyan cabinet have been cheerleading efforts to catalyse the epic confirmation of Kenya as a failed state. These quacks have learnt the art of prophesising from Dick cheney's school of fear mongering. They are being used by the United States of America to become a quassi-permanent occupiers of Somalia. The guilty pleasure of their existence is simple and understandable.In their galactic appetite for self-enriching ventures they will stop at nothing even if it means sending the countries children to a senseless war in a neighbouring country. Everytime we belly up to their filthy inarticulate utterances, they serve us nothing but comedy. These miscreants that are drumming up for war are pawns being used by America in a larger geo-political power game. That the united states has reasons for being scared of alleged terrorists taking over a major oceanic transport hub and the dangers they pose to the strategic interests of America is not suprising but for Kenya to volunteer itself to do the dirty job for some financial and military backing is mindnumbing.

With our antique military facilities and the history of foreign intervention in Somalia, Kenya is better adviced to keep its troops in Kenya. These snake-oil-salesmen tend to forget Black hawk down and the ethiopian defeat but maybe these moronic minions are mental dwarfs. Their tone deaf statements smell of selective amnesia. After leading to the deaths of more than a thousand people a year and a half ago they want to raise up religiouis and ethnic tension in the country again. How will a third of the country's population that is muslim react to kenya occupying an an islamic nation? why do we have to invite terror and bombings to our streets? Did we forget the 98 bomings? Are we forgetting how porous our bordes are with somalia and the ease with which these guys can wreck havoc in Nairobi? Are we forgetting the financial and economic implications of such attacks.God forbid they happen.

These politicians want to hoax the kenyan people to a war that can never be won. A war that will morally and financial bankrupt this nation. Maybe then the economy will stop teetering on the edge of collapse and go down the toilet for good. These self abnigating, perenially thirsty vampires are hyping up paranoid delusions about the dangers Alshabab posses to the horn of africa.

we will celebrate Dec 2012 as a soul wrenching day. A day when we will finally get rid of ur faithless stewardship of this country and bring it up from the abyss you have placed us into. These slimy slugs masquerading as politicians are simply fascists who want to start profiteering rings from a war that is better off left to those who knw and want to fight it.

It is time we put these people in the garbage can and started over again as a country because the past 40yrs were a sham. The current petulant presidency and the formenting graft that continues unabated should be the catalyst for a grassroots uprising. Our parliament has turned into Comedy audition show where guys mudling and hogwash one another but where real questioned aren't asked. Kenya is becoming a failed state under all indications and getting into war with somalia will finally put the doomed stamp to underscore that point.
Lets leave this war for the Americans to fight it.

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