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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things to Remember for Eid if you are in Garissa

First, congratulations for making  it through the month of Ramadhan. May Allah (SWT) grant you a place in Jannah and accept all your good deeds.
That said, if you are going to be in Garissa for the Eid, then here is a compilation of essential items that you might find helpful. We did not exhaust all that a person might require but at least it is a preliminary checklist. Feel free to add whatever you feel we left out.

1. If u can afford to buy new clothes for yourself and loved ones, please do so. Its sunnah to look good during the day of eid and not to mention, the 1000shs you spend on that Kanzu will bolster Garissa's economy.

2. Take a prayer rug/ Mussalla with you just in case you don't find anyone generous enough to share theirs with you.
If u are a praying at a mosque, then take a paper bag for your shoes.

3. Make sure you know how Salatul-eid is prayed. Trust me I've witnessed a lot of people who embarrass themselves by flopping this simple prayer. At least pay attention when the Imam is describing how its properly done.

4. If u go with kids, wait till the majority of the crowd leaves. You do not wanna pray Jannaza right after salatul eid!

5. If possible say 'Hi' to the Ula'maa and thank them for their leadership. They are an asset that we tend to overlook.

6. Make sure zakatul fitr is payed well inadvance

7. Go to Morroro...Don't Go to Morroro....AHHH! Who am I to advice anyone on this?

Nyama Choma at Almond resort or Nomad Palace for lupper (lunch + Supper)

Wind up  the day by watching a classic clash between Red Eagles and Sunnah Boys at the Garissa Primary School play ground.

ENJOY Your Eid. Remember to pray for  the distressed in Somalia, Pakistan  and elsewhere.


  1. -if you are praying at the Eid ground, don't embarrass yourself by praying sunna. There is no prayer before or after the Eid prayer.
    -If Eid coincides with a Friday, these will be two Eids and if you pray in the morning, you can skip jum'a prayers except the Imam of the masjid is not allowed to skip jum'a prayers just in case some people did not pray Eid and want to pray jum'a.

  2. Abdiwahab Thank you for the knowledge.

  3. May god bless you all,ameen.