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Friday, March 18, 2011

Generation Druggies

 Several years back, my father who usually spent most of his time outside Garissa, couldn't believe that most kids my age rarely engaged in drug abuse. He was bizarrely amused by the fact that young 'druggies' were referred to as "chokora', 'steam' , mainly so outside the mainstream they were the classic uncool kids of the 21st century.

 How things change! Now binge drinking, marathon miraa chewing and chain smoking are more common a sight than a stray cow in suq mugdi. More shockingly, this behaviour transcends gender. Its no longer unholy to see girls from NEP & UMU de-skinning miraa twigs.

Yesterday, an anonymous tipster informed me of a young girl who was admitted to Garissa general hospital for alcohol poisoning. The transformation is now complete. No longer is sobriety considered cool. Now its all about getting a temporary high from bhang (marijuana) puff and miraa juice. Immorality and  social decay are more pervasive than ever.

How did end up here and what are the consequences? I'll let you mull that while I try to figure out how to interact with the drunken fools that are too vegetative to use the internet. And by the way, next time someone asks you why NEP's KCPE & KCSE scores are down the toilet or why very few of our students matriculate in national universities, you know the answer.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section.


  1. I don't think there is any problem with chewing miraa so long as its done responsibly. People need to have fun and unwind from worldly problems. Women make some money of selling miraa and get to feed their families. otherwise they would become destitute and turn to prostitution.
    Think about what you write before you write nonesence and bullshit. Miraa is not a problem

  2. @ali the writer is very true all what he say,who told u miraa,phang ad other associates are nt harmfull?despite dere role in income generating,there effects doubles and they contributes 60% nep's sorry if ur among de addicts or is ur source of income.can u imagine de outcome of achild prought up under this situation miraa,phang,alchol,cigerates ad others in his dad's home?does ur religion allows u?this is logic is ur fully concious, so dont encourage our naive kids by ur comment plz if u loved ur province ad people.

  3. Spot on admin,its due the very reasons enlisted above that Gtown laggs behind academically,economically and even politically.just take aglance at those who are serving at our Hospitals or the majority of student trainees at the General Hospital,they are all from Wajir or Mandera,similarly they r da most succesful enterpreneurs in Gtwn.the big shoping complexes in twn are not own by locals.all our resources and opportunities are mere beneficiary tools to nono-locals.whylst our youths r bzzy intoxicating thmslvs the elders r bzy hatching tribal succession politics over fadi kudirir wth the help of khat.shame on us,we are failed rejion.

  4. Personally sitaki mtu aniambie when to smoke and when not to. Inaokena unafanya kazi ya supkem hapa. wacha siasa ndogo ndogo ya mashehe hapa.
    you can c wat happens when islam gets mixed with politics in somalia. Shabab wamefanya maisha ya watu ikuwe mbaya ile deadly. hatutaki garissa ikuwe ivo. wacha ufala

  5. I agree wid u dat drags but also tribalism and clanism are playing a big role in all this. U real believe. That one from your clan and a somali can serve better. Having worked in da region, from experience, u real hate us._downy people, stop hatered,for down people and christians,they have alot to give and share wid your people, you isolate them they asolate u and u a province. Open u a eyes and see, den act and do it fast b4 we are bored wid u.

  6. WRITER you 100% correct leave this drug addict guys who either abuse the drug or it act as a source of income to is simple drug abuse is becoming rampant and it has negative influence on the society whether you like it or not we have the hope of seeing Garissa free of drugs be it Khat,alcohol and even cigarette. the last thing we want to see is our children to see such situations latter.the guy who wrote about mixing ISLAM and politics do you know ISLAM? it is the way of is alshabab that stood the test that failed not ISLAM it has never failed and it will NEVER FAIL.if you have the feeling of smoking whatever be it that you smoke please go somewhere not G-TOWN.mdowny I agree hatred should be minimized we are all Kenyans.

  7. wee ni fala tu kumbe. nani alisema miraa inafanya watu wa fail mtihani? achangu ujinga

  8. Miraa ni tamu sana