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Monday, November 15, 2010

News of Interest

Kenya's new electoral constituencies are out and NEP has been assigned 6 new electoral units to amass a meagre tally of 17 new representatives in the post 2012 National assembly. The populous Mandera Central will be split into three constituencies while each of Dujis, Mandera West, Lagdera and Wajir East are to be split to a carve out a new unit. Sorry Wajir South.
You can read the full the story in its explosive glory as it appeared on The Standard here.
The verbal dust up between Ruto and KNCHR commissioner Hassan Omar continues to unfold. This time round Muslim Human Rights Forum (MHRF) has called for Ruto's arrest for his irresponsible and illogical rhetoric with regards to the fake bribery controversy he  ginned up. Story is available here

Finally, something rather interesting and strange popped up in my inbox yesterday. Apparently Deputy PM and grand corrupt-or (pardon my english) has nominated the people of Othaya, Garissa & Mtwapa  for a radical urbanization master plan. The video evidence can be found here.

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