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Monday, April 25, 2011

Racism rears its ugly head in Kamkunji polls

 Given how freaked out everyone is about the issue of tribalism, you'd think rabble-rousing, former Matatu tout, Brian Weke of Narc Kenya, would think twice before he tastelessly referred to Somalis as "outsiders". Most reasonable people with access to the internet and Google, know Somalis were in Eastleigh long before Luhya's ever crossed the Congo River.

In an interview, the failed Matatu tout is quoted to have said;
“It will be a clear race between the people who were born in Kamukunji and others who have come    later.”
Who can blame him. He is the product of the bland and unimaginative Matatu industry and was probably hounded out of it by the constant bullying from Mungiki. The one problems is, this guy thinks he is electable. Mouthing such racist epithets is his way of solidifying his political bona fides with the Somaliphobes in Kamkunji. Sadly, this won't work for him since Somalis dominate Kamkunji economically and numerically (Even the daily nation admits to this).

Both ODM and PNU have condemned the racism laden statements. Now its you, the reader's, time to stuff Ms. Martha Karua's inbox with angry reactions and requests for an apology from the man running on her party's ticket. She has an interactive twitter acct @Martha_W_Karua or

Real Full Story here.

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