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Friday, November 12, 2010

Of Refugees, Land and Clashes

By Liban Osman

A recipe 4 a disaster...... With a large community of refugees from Somalia residing in Garissa and most getting remittance money from their relatives in the U.S and Europe, they are the new middle class in Garissa and they are contributing so much into our local economy. They are also buying up land and properties hand over fist and thus driving up land prices and they're buying this land from the original Gsa residents like me and you. our land apreciating in value is a good thing and I consider it 2 be a blessing 4 many poor people in Gsa but it will also make some greedy people want to grab land that belongs 2 someone else and that is when we start 2 see bloodshed.

‎... Also having very corrupt bastards as councillors is a destabilising factor. You can't even get a title deed for your property in Garissa you have 2 go 2 Nairobi to get one. Land prices in Gsa will keep on rising until we hit a natural price ceiling and we will keep on hearing about reer hebel fightin reer hebel and as always we will keep on paying attention to the symptoms and not the root cause of the fights. This land issue has a serious potential of formenting hatred and animosities amongst the brotherly people of Gsa county but it can be corrected only if we have the right leadership in position.

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