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Sunday, November 14, 2010

An update on redistricting

 A section of MPs from Central, Coast and Eastern are up in arms over what they called an affair allotment of the "national cake." They allege IIBRC  commissioners have flouted the agreements signed by Members of parliament in Naivasha on the allocation of new constituencies pointing to the lack of transparency in the formulas and deductions that were used in the partitioning of the existing constituencies. This is something we've pointed to earlier on in this blog (you can read it here). Granted these gross inconsistencies, the aforementioned vagabonds have no right to demand that constituencies be taken away from NEP. While everyone has a right to demand what they think is their fair share, singling out a particular region for 'shaving' is retrogressive and sets a dangerous precedent.

 The Nation reports that MPs from Nep are happy with the share they've been assigned. I, for one, don't think this is a good idea and here is why. Its always good  to enter negotiation from a point of strength, by that I mean, our elected representatives should demand more so they can safeguard what they have or at least increase it. If we allow the whacks from Central to shift goal posts so far to their advantage there is only little concession we can get from them. So lets pitch our tent in a direction that is diametrically opposed to theirs and after haggling we can come to a comprise that is middle ground. My can add yours in the comments section.

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