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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Garissa Youth Express

 One of the many readers of this blog sent me this video which I found truly inspiring. It's so good to see some of our young boys and girls taking charge of their destiny and deciding to get involved in the leadership of this beautiful city. Come 2012, I hope to see at least 75% of positions at the Municipal level filled by 21-35 year olds. After all this age group predominates the voting bloc in this city. Should this sleeping giant wake up and realize the power that they wield , it will mean a new dawn for Garissa.

Garissa Youth Days from Alicia Sully on Vimeo.

Finally, I hope to categorically state that I'm not in anyway involved with G-Youth. However, I wish them nothing but success.

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  1. we should, at least be grateful to whomsoever that is behind this noble work of empowering our youth by giving them skills and knowledge. this is what th G kenya has denied us in the last 47 years.when they realised that we are demanding and acquiring sthg that`s basically our right,they started crying ´saying some foreign diplomat instigate youth to take over the power from them(government),it`s not bad to be critic! but I really don´t understand, what this our local MP is criticizing, I saw recently him together with someother mps from Gema criticising the work of G youth.I could obviously understood the other mps because they always have critical attitude whenever Nep is mention. but our local mp i thought he could be the first to defend the work G youth and those who are behind the creation of that noble org. I don´t think G youth is a scheme that is open to critism unlike the one that called CDF that he runs. I used to think our Mp was a sensible and realistic person but i have discovered , when i saw him defending the PEV suspects and sametime criticising the people who invested youth in his constituency get skills and make a sound career choice.It does not make sense when gov. say they are initiating youth projects in grassroot level and sametimes critizising G youths activities.after all what was the objectives of the creations of youth projects in the country? was it not empower youth and hence make progress in their life!now what is these all bla, bla, bla!about G-youth activities.G youths activities are open and it`s a transparent org.hence we ought to encourage our youth to take part in it. Lastly I strongly denounce the mps and particularly Mr. Dualle`s hypocrisy.
    Ali Abdi
    Nb.I´m not involved with G youth but i am fond of it,it has enlighten the youth and hence the youth dignified G city.

    Nb: i´m not involved