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Friday, December 31, 2010

KCPE and The Poverty Trap

This week the results of last year's KCPE exams were released and as expected private schools dominated  top positions all over Kenya.
 Its such a shame that in 2010 a child's destiny is sealed by an examination that only serves to reproduce the existing class system in Kenya. The fact that Ministry of Education is bent on scuttling education reform when its not busy stealing FPE money is an indication that this nation is yet to realise the importance of education as a social class delineation busting force.
  Candidates come from diverse economic and social backgrounds. This fact is completely ignored in form one selection. The lack of quota system gives an edge to the upper echelons of society that can afford to send their kids to private schools which are equipped with proper facilities and personnel. It completely ignores vital factoids such as the performance of a student within the locality in which he was schooled and across his 8 years of primary education  when deciding his fate.
  Its pertinent that we change this archaic convoluted method . The paradox of the new Kenyan meritocracy is that its so far tilted in the favour of those that have resources and away from the poor. NEP and other places need to scrutinize this bias. Its despicable that private schools have a tight grip on top positions in the country and end up producing  future leaders, lawyers and purveyors of justice. We are only helping create a new aristocracy that is so out of touch with the pedestrian reality of the average person's life.

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  1. A.a am a Garissa product, but I have left Garissa in 1987 immediately after I sat my KCPE. I feel for Garissa what u do Brothers and sisters. I love Garissa much as u do and all What u r saying is very true indeed. Though I am Arab I have Garissa blood, I ate and grew up on Garissa soil , much as it belongs to u it also belongs to me. Garissa's problems are much wider than many think. Clannism is the worst poison which is being fed to Garissan's by non other than 1. Politicians 2. Elderly Clansmen Government arrogance toward the EDU-SOCIO-ECONOMICS is another woe of Garissa. I remember during my years in school they brought us all the UTs available to teach us. Now I dont know if I should be part and parcel of the solution towards a better Garissa. Fight 4 our Garissa. WE FOR GARISSA AND GOD FOR US ALL.