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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Of Sh. Mustafa, The Deficit of Leadership, Misplaced Priorities & The Makhraj (Solution)

 Two weeks ago I wrote a piece for the blog on Clerics that went down well with majority of the readers but drew the ire of a few of those who trade in cheap "holier- than-thou' monologues. Basically I elucidated my opinion that within the sparkly bubble that is our so called guardians (read clerics) reside individuals of questionable moral and intellectual capacity.  Their pontifications should be subject to rigorous questioning and cynicism. To get the best results out of our leadership, secular or religious, we should not never rely purely on their human good will. Also to succeed as a society we should never suppress debate and the free exchange of high brow opinions. I have no desire to tread in carefully scripted socially correct platitudes . I also don't wish to be popular since I don't fancy selling my soul. My hope is to illicit a strong reaction from my readers so that we can all begin to question the fundamentals our society is based on.

 Among the respondents to my earlier post was an individual who called my Opining "Kufr and blasphemous." This Bifwoli-esque individual also insisted that I "delete the post since it was abusing our Lord!" Capital letters and all. Unfortunately this sort of the cuff verbal hemorrhage is pervasive in our society anytime controversial issues such as clanism, bad leadership and the role of clerics in the perennial failure of Garissa to catch up with other kenyan cities come up. If we are to see any tangible difference in our lives Post 2012, such misplaced sensitivities have to replaced with visionary thinking that will free us from the doldrums of the status quo. This will boil down to the sort of leadership we chose. But the question of who is a good leader is an inherently difficult one to answer. How much of a leaders decisions should be informed by pragmatism and how much should be swayed by religious puritanism? These sort of questions will be integral to the debate once power is devolved to ethnically and religiously homogeneous counties. There will be jostling for power between religious leaders and those we elect (our clansmen). I have no answer to these questions but luckily for us, Sh. Mustafa, (may Allah bless him) has. In a very enlightened lecture, he goes where none of todays (somali) sheikhs have ever gone and by the way, I follow the lectures of almost all the famous somali ulamaa regularly so I'm not making that statement lightly.
Please listen to it if you have the time it will be 90 minutes spent well.
                                                                                                                                         -A. Ainy

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