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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dujis CDF Report Card

The National Taxpayer Association audited Dujis Constituency's CDF projects and appropriations process. The group wrote up a detailed report on their findings which I have embedded below.
Here is a summary of their main findings:

  • 1 out of every 4 shillings allocated to Dujis was either wasted or stolen (unaccounted for) i.e a total of Kshs. 24 Million.
  • Close to 17% of all CDF funded projects were poorly constructed 
  • Most projects are beset with delay and are often behind schedule, if they had any.
  • Those incharge of the committee threatened this independent group and tried to bar them from auditing their activities.   
  • Close to 0% of the funds were spent on any infrastructure project; ICT projects, expansion of telephone networks, expansion of the electrical grid etc.            
The document in its entirety is posted below. The projects reviewed date back to the latter days of Hussein "Maendeleo's" (sic) reign.

I think this reveals the checkered nature of those we've put in-charge of our resources and their casual treatment of theft and mismanagement. On top of all our problems, finding out the money which was allocated for the alleviation of inequality has been stolen is completely unacceptable. Its all the more surprising that no one seems to be bothered by this. Not Supkem, not a single civic groups, not the local media, not G-youth. Concentrating all the roles in the committee in the hands of a few individuals from related families has given them the power to legislate for themselves when to steal and when to construct a classroom at an inflated price. Despite the reported 25% misappropriation rate, those of us that are from Garissa know mismanagement is more pervasive in the committee than this figure suggests. I'm sure when figures for the past two years are analysed, multitudes of jaws will drop in shock. Corruption and nepotism still remain the cancer that eat away at the fabric of our society.

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  1. Whilst some brush this off as a spurious claim, there was a report in march of 2009 that Ranked Dujis as the fourth most corrupt constituency in Kenya.
    Anyone with any conscious will truly se tis for what it is; theft of public resources to enrich the cronies of Dualle. Come on people, you are being burried alive and its time for u to rise the fuck up
    Anwar, Kigali

  2. The Duale's are big mouth gluttons, everything that come their way first finds it way to their big mouths. Garissa people you'll out for a big surprise.

  3. The Duale's are big mouth gluttons, everything that come their way first finds it way to their big mouths. Garissa people you will be out for a big surprise.
    February 11, 2011 2:40 AM


    With the heat in the now Garissa county, and the lots of work in the grass roots, it is evident that every politician, both in office at present and out of office are busy seducing constituents to get votes for the not so far 2012 elections. There have been debates and a tag of war after what the Ligale commission did on the constituencies. In Dujis it is no different and this is the time the Oligarchs are busy cutting the cake that will officially provide a platform for manipulation in our dear Dujis. We are expecting two constituencies and the ruling groups are strongly defending the decision. That is on the National Assemblies level. There are tougher talks and strong agreements on who is to be the Senator and who is to be the Governor. Though their stands are not clear, there are a few influential politicians from the main clans in the now Garissa county who are eyeing the top job in the county. However, it is inevitable that these people have interests. It is clear from history that they always have a negative interest comprising of manipulation and the latter abuse of human rights in the region.

    Ali is one of the three candidates alleged to vie for the top job in the region. I’ll not name the other two for the sake of some ethics in my field but just to give you a hint, they come from the larger Garissa County.

    So who is Ali Korane??? One may ask. This is one man I did not know about until the 2007 general elections. He vied for the Dujis seat which saw his latter loss. He is however a great and courageous man who always has his stand. Having served in the military and other government offices, this is one man who has a clean record in the government (at least none documented). He is a successful business man and a philanthropist. He has been involved in much community work including the improvement of a few villages in the constituency. He is well educated and qualified, values education and loves to see success and as such he has helped enough students further their studies. However we have to bear in mind that he does all these out of his heart without discrimination of clan or any other related stuff no wonder I call him a philanthropist. He is also an aggressive leader who will get what we want from the government and will somehow eradicate the notion of us being a marginalized region.

    Once again, this man wants to represent us. Sooner or later we will see him all over the area after the official launch of the campaigns. One thing that am sure about is that he will fight for our rights and our land. There are interests in politics, I say once again, but at least this man is different from the other aspirants. I suspect and question their integrity and the latter selfish interest they are planning to unleash in our dear Garissa. I love my land, and we all do. We all want the best for it. At least I want to be buried there after I die even if I don’t get a piece of land to live in.

    Therefore my dear people, it is time to end the era of selfish rulers. It is the time to have leaders and not rulers with a selfish and evil mind. The time has come to see the beginning of development in our mother land. More than before, this idea should be stronger than an invading army in our minds. Let us use the only weapon we have….let us use our brains and voters cards to get what we want for our people. The time is now….it is NOW and NOT LATER.


    The next battlefield over key state jobs is bound to be in the police department where three key appointments are still pending to complete the Administration of Justice reforms.

    Among key appointments yet to be made include the powerful offices of the Inspector General of the re-branded National Police Service, which has attracted intensive lobbying by many candidates and their backers.

    The other pending appointment is the Chairman of the Police Service Oversight Authority, tasked with listening to public complaints against the police.

    Also yet to be formed is Police Service Commission, responsible for recruitment, transfers and promotions of police officers in the re-named police force.

    But it is the powerful Inspector General of National Police Service that has generated most interest and intense lobbying.

    Powerful seat

    The successful nominee will be expected to not only oversee implementation and consolidation of police reforms, but also clean up the image of a force tainted with blood of the 2007 General Election and accusations of extra-judicial killings.

    Among those whose names have popped up as candidates for the powerful Inspector General’s job include the current Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere.

    Mr Iteere is reported to have enrolled for a masters degree course in one of the local universities to boost his chances.

    Kenya Wildlife Service CEO Julius Kipng’etich’s name has also been mentioned as possible pioneer Inspector General.

    Last December, his tenure at KWS was extended for another three-year term.

    Although he is reputed to be a prudent business manager, critics say Kipng’etich has limited security management background.

    AP Commandant Kinuthia Mbugua is also another contender for the top police job. However, it is envisaged that ODM might oppose him owing his alleged partisan involvement in the 2007 General Election.

    Former PS for Home Affairs, Mr Ali Korane, is also said to be in the race for the top job and will be relying on both his experience as district commissioner in the 90s, and his strategic and securities studies at the Kenya Defence College to sell himself.

    Ali also holds a masters Degree in Policing Management from Leicester University, UK. He unsuccessfully vied for the Dujis parliamentary seat on a PNU ticket in 2007

    But in the polarised Kenyan context, political considerations and horse-trading, regional and ethnic balancing many a times influence appointments to public offices at the expense of merit

    If either Mbugua or Iteere were to be appointed to the job, their ethnic background could prove a stumbling block. This is because other top security officials come from Central Kenya.

    They include director of CID, Ndegwa Muhoro, Director of Operations at Vigilance House, Julius Muhoro, National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) director general, Major General Michael Gichangi.

    He is not loud and nuisance like Aden Bare Duale but he is highly intelligent well respected in the top echelons of the country, Ali Korane is a very respectable figure who shuns the tribal card. It appears that his henchmen loathed him for this. Even when Aden Bare stole the votes in 2007 election, Korane just moved on, he did not made it an issue but if it was the other way round hell could break lose. Korane is a hard working man, I remember when I was doing my medical practices in Nyeri I come across a lot of people praising Korane for the good job he did in their town.Nyeri. Korane is capable of evoking enormous inspiration given the chance therefore Garissa people are you ready to give this man a chance to GOVERN us? Korane developed his leadership skills through government organs from being a military officer, District Officer, District Commissioner and Permanent Secretary. If we don’t make use of our talented technocrats and instead give feeble cronies to run high and sophisticated office like the governors office, our county will be bound to fail big time.

  7. Garissa folks join this blog

    Korane for Governor 2012 the address is