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Monday, January 17, 2011

Garissa's Ruinous Relationship With its Leaders

 In every wretched relationship, there are moments that are so loathsome they make a person throw his hands in the air and vehemently seek vengeance with brute force. Somali Kenyans have reached that point. The anger on the ground in Garissa and other places is palpable. Whilst an unmitigated disaster unfolds in NEP as people starve, the government is splashing money on defending War criminals and genocidaires. It's a reflection of the future that lies ahead in the sick relationship between MPs and their subjects. As poverty and frustration percolate to the core of society, the men we elected to change our fortunes are busy aligning themselves with internationally recognized war criminals. As somali mothers get gang raped by the same people (Police) that were supposed to provide them with protection, our elected Somali officials are busy thwarting the ICC's pursuit of Ruto and Uhuru. As we get humiliated on our own streets by policemen who see us as walking ATM machines, our MPs pusillanimously cow-tow to the fascism of a government that we've been disenchanted with for almost half a century.

 For those of us that are unemployed, educated and frustrated, let's be done with these goons and let them be done with us. Let them start businesses with all the money they stole over these 5 years and make millions in profit. We will promise not begrudge them-as long as they create jobs here in Garissa and stay out of politics.

 To the youth, I urge you to be cynical of everything these pseudo-dictators tell you. Cultivate the Tunisian in you and even if it takes a low level intifada to bust the existing political class delineation in our county, GO FOR IT. GOD BLESS YOU!

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  1. The idea of not developing the enemy`s backyard(Nep)was started by J.kenyatta,propagated by Moi and implemented by Kibaki. That is general kenya`s view of Nep.It´s only Nep, that the Id-card enables one to travel beyond his home town.Last time i asked, why ask only the I-d for Nep citizen? they told me you are NEP nothing except you know moi´s slogan during his time in elections campaign in Nep? "Watu wa NEP mkaye hivyo vivyo" recently i saw Kibaki in Gsa using the same phrasal when he campaigned for the draft const.I don´t know if it was by chance or intensionally?neither do i know the meaning of that swahili phrasal!may be it`s a clever way of expressing our lack of development progress,but it´s of course due to their guilty conscience.they got no conscience at all if they have kept us like this for 48 years.

  2. Well said bro I couldn't have said it better this political goons should be hold to account
    As the innocent are dying of hunger they find it fit to parade their ill gotten monies
    To intimadate the poor into voting for them someone please shoot aden bare

  3. i dont blame this so called MPs its the ppl of Garissa who need to mobilize and kick this goons out..u only see them every 4 years and the rest ofcourse tending to their businesses in Nairobi..Watu Wa Garissa Wake Up...
    Tribalism is thriving in Garissa its a matter of time b 4 shit implodes from within just like Somalia..

  4. garissa people are united and loving pple ,bt when this goons come for elections after 4 years we hear u r from that clan ,and in plant in our hearts hatred .but this time round we are all in one county lets hold our hands together n kick this thieves out .lets make sure the 4 of them dont come near to any leadership seat 4 good,.they are shame to us to be our leaders.the rest of kenyans are wondering are these the best garissa can produce.shame on them.