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Friday, January 7, 2011


  My very wise father once told me we are all leaders in our own rights and that we all possess the ability to significantly improve our lives if we are willing to work hard for it. I like that. Sometimes when I'm in a public place or sipping tea in a cafe listening to the BBC , I'll watch people passing by and I'll silently say to myself, "He is a leader. She's a leader. He's a leader, She's a leader." Before long I'll find myself feeling a warm sense of affinity for these strangers. The experience goes up by a couple notches whenever the subject of my observation is an individual of vestigial importance or a person in suffering. On occasion, I'll get into an argument with obnoxious uncle who will turn my spiritual feeling into a domino effect of confusion, fear and regrettable indecision.

 My point , apart from bringing some levity to what is otherwise a boring blog, is to enunciate that  young and old, we can all do our bit to reinvent NEP and I think it helps that we have almost nothing to be proud of now.

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