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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raila & The KKK Don't Care About NEP: They're Political Opportunists

  Raila came to Garissa today and as usual offered nothing more than the typical vitriolic bluster that he spews everywhere he goes. What was supposed to be a political rally soon devolved into partisan bickering, ad hominem attacks and subpar vitendawilis. I think he didn't get the memo on our disregard for vapid hollow statements that are not followed by tangible action.

 Any individual with a triple digit IQ knows that neither Raila nor The KKK care about the legitimate needs and interests of Somali Kenyans (Nepians). Both are self serving political vampires mainly interested in gaining political leverage in our city and region through proxies (our MPs). Our lives have been made all the more miserable by a Government that is propped  up by ODM as the price for 'peace'. They did not deliver half the change they promised us in 2007. The fake under funded ministry they setup has failed to alleviate the human tragedy that is gripping Northern Kenya today. In short, they are all double faced liars and snake oil salesmen.

Raila like Uhuru, Kalonzo & Ruto presided over the arrest, rendition and torture of innocent Muslims. His partly owned government still refuses to buy our livestock while it buys bad maize grown in Central and Trans-Nzoia to save their tribesmen from losses. Its only in Garissa where policemen can, in broad daylight, rob you of your hard earned wealth and usurp your business. Its only in NEP where you can be arrested and beaten for not carrying your ID with you as was the case during the colonial era. Raila just like the rest of them stands for the continuation of these racist policies. His duplicity and  inconsistency with regards to the rights of Somali-Kenyans is well documented.

 What was missing from the Rally? For one there was no substantiative policy discussion, there were no overtures made to our region and none of our complaints (ID issuance, police harrassment, systemic marginalization) were addressed. We only saw our MPs capitulating to a Luo overlord who offered no vision just vile personal attacks. Now don't get me wrong, I despise Ruto and all those who agree with his ethnocentric politics equally, I just don't see how telling us that 'Uhuru is a bhang addict'solves any of our problems.

 All those who attended today's rally to applaud Raila's prejudices and listened while he fanned the flames of hatred are not any better than those trained seals that beat the drums for the flip-side of this coin, The KKK.
Finally, any of you retarded tribalists that may think I have a vested interest in any of the issues discussed above, I do not. I just want to see my people wake up from this coma.

Its time Dualle, Farah Maalim and the rest of our political class stopped being subservient to vivisectional foreign interests. They should form their very own political movement and prudently chose who to support in the General election, if they do not wish to field their own Presidential candidate. The current divisions will lead to another tribal bloodshed in Garissa. The government has had its Jackboot on our throats for 47 years, time to vote for our own president!

Oh, those who jeered and heckled speakers were just classless goons-for- hire deployed by our so called MPs.
Here is a video of their visit to Marsabit on Monday;


  1. Whatever you expressed in the above article is your personal thinking and as you well know all human don't think in the same way.Forget about the KKK or even Raila, talk of the people you are calling them to be your leaders. Don't blame other because your own so called leaders have failed you and they too care about their selfish interest. First of all come clean and elect legitimate people based on their capability but not on tribal bases.


  2. @Anon: I have continuously riled against the failure of my own people to elect able leaders. If you are a regular reader of this blog (which you don't seem to be), you'd know that to be the case.

    In any case, if you look at a few of my articles on this blog you would find evidence to that regard.

    Have a good day!

  3. there is nothing like KKK; this just a creation of the media and the Raila. If I may ask; What comprised of ODM in 2007? Kalenjins, Luos & Luhyas plus the others. Now that the tribal grouping does not favour Raila it becomes KKK & illegitimate.

  4. I know one thing for sure!Raila will never become president of kenya,however popular he is. he will just end up like his father.we remembe all attempts his father made were unsuccesssful,untill he pleaded at last, to be called a president just for one day,so that he could wipe out certain community from kenya.

  5. One thing I share with the blog is deep hatred towards our leaders who failed us teribly.they robbed us and then sing for us with there vitendawili and other bulshit.For GOD sake let them go we need change!

  6. I seriously hate them(leaders) with passion.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments and I love reading your article but I will disagree regarding Raila. About this time three years ago, Kenyans were slaughtering each other like chicken. Raila was the people choice but kibaki refused to concede power to Raila. Raila had the decency to save Kenyan and accepted powering sharing ‘’what a heroic effort. Secondly he is the man who fought for the little democracy we have today. Thirdly he was jailed and exiled during moi era but he carried forth and delivered the great gift of Multiparty safely to Kenyans

  8. I love your articles. They give one food for thought. However, I believe we are the makers of our own destiny. We were given our ministry to cater for our needs, but the man in charge chose to move house and live large instead of using that ministry to uplift his people's status. So what do you want the government to do, serve you and then put the food in your mouth?!!! come on people, lets wake up and anlyse our leaders carefully and then choose those who can serve up better.

  9. as i hate to admit UKABILA is the killer of our hopes and believe the moment we shun hawa so called wazee and elect individual based on their ability to uplift us...council of elders always push candidates down our throats we dont approve of ....this petty politics ya he is my tribe.,he is my uncle etc should cease and only then will we see a real change......GOD HELP REER GARIS