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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fibre Optic Cable in Garissa & Racist Michael Joseph

  Another reason why any self respecting Garissian should immediately cease their association with Safaricom has emerged through recently leaked secret cables published by wikileaks. Apparently, Michael "I-know-everything-kenyans-want" Joseph has told American officials that providing high speed internet to Garissa was a waste of resources. He further added that indeed it was places like Nyeri that needed such services instead of "sparsely populated" NEP.

  I'm very glad that this raving lunatic has departed Safaricom after several years of fleecing Kenyans through over-priced and poor quality services. His borderline racist crap should be called out for what it is by our MPs and every self respecting Kenyan. After years of isolation and neglect we cannot have the guy who is running the tourism department in Kenya advocating for cutting off Garissa from the world wide web.

Quite clearly this megalomaniac has never been to Garissa and doesn't understand the leaps this city has made in the last decade. Before he spews such demonstrable lies maybe he should pay this great city a visit and see what it means the greatest self-made city in East and Central Africa.

  To you Garissians, if you are half as livid as I am, give this moron a call and tell him how pissed you are. Currently, he is the chairman of Kenya Tourism Board.

Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya Tourist Board - Head Office                                                  Kenya-Re Towers, Ragati Road
P.O. BOX 30630 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 20 2749 000, +254 20 2711 262
Fax: +254 20 271 9925

 As for Dualle and his ilk, they shoud stop pitching for Raila or Ruto and instead call for this guy to be fired. We cannot have a high ranking government official calling for the alienation of Somalis.

Why is Nyeri anymore worthy of high speed internet than Garissa, arguably the fastest growing city in the entire nation.

You can read the full cable here


  1. u knw wat even pisses me off most is da majority of da dealers r we somalis;;its us hu made safcom go wea its today n him(michael) gotten da merit for it::its so funny::

  2. u knw wat even pisses me off most is da majority of da dealers r we somalis;;its us hu made safcom go wea its today n him(michael) gotten da merit for it::its so funny::

  3. This sort of racist remarks should never be tolerated it's a pity that this ignorant fool is heading the tourism sector in kenya imagine what he thinks of garissa's tourism potentials? bure habisa shindwe!

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