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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Horrifying Testimonies from TJRC Hearing

 Former PC and gutless war criminal, Francis Sigei , perpetrated horrific crimes upon the residents of Galmagalla in 1989,  TJRC was told. Several victims of the former fascistic Moi government told commissioners about the trauma they went through at the hands of security officers.

Mr Yakub Adow Abdi, who was a councillor at the time, accused Mr Sigei of assaulting him when he arrived at Galmagala trading centre in a helicopter where four police officers taking salaries to Holugho Police Station were ambushed and killed by bandits.
Mr Abdi told the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission during its hearings at the Garissa Public Library that when Mr Sigei arrived at the scene of the attack, he ordered the police to round up residents.
“We thought his arrival will end our torture at the hands of the security officers sent to pursue the bandits, but we were shocked when he asked us to give him the names of the culprits who had killed his officers,” Mr Abdi said.
The former councillor said he told the DC the bandits were from across the border, but in response the official attacked him.
“He kicked me in the ribs. Other well-built officers descended on me with kicks and gun-butts until I fell down unconscious,” he said amid sobs.
Mr Abdi said 20 people died in the 1989 Galmagala operation and many women were gang-raped by security officers.

Mr. Farah Waju's also gave a moving testimony about the brutal death of his wife and the post traumatic effect it had on his children. It was a teary and emotional testimony on the kind of injustice that humans are capable of inflicting on others when there is no equality or accountability. Mr. Farah Waju was the chairman of KFF-Garissa branch and head of PTA Garissa primary school.

   Mr Hussein Farah Waju, whose wife was also allegedly killed by a police officer whom he said was still serving in the force, sobbed uncontrollably and said his has been a long journey to seek justice. “I wrote to then provincial commissioner Maurice Makhanu and a former police commissioner asking for justice but all in vain,” said Mr Waju.He said one of his daughters was so traumatised by the shooting of her mother that she suffered a mental breakdown.
“I am witnessing a truly remarkable turnaround in northern Kenya with this commission. I hope justice will come soon,” said Mr Waju.
I cannot do the story any justice by trying to summarize it, therefore, I'll refer you to the full stories on The Daily Nation and The Standard.

Here is the link to the daily nation version and here is the Standard version

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