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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aden Barre Dualle: Bad MP, Worse Politician

 Behold the hard-hitting, principled, tell-it-as-it-is politico representing the great people of Dujis for the past 3 years. The man seems to be (mis)guided by an inner compass that has the accuracy of a Chinese Rolex watch, assembled in the sweatshops  of Tianjin.

 Just as the people he is representing were retelling the horrors visited upon them by the Moi & Kenyatta regimes, the psychopath was in Uhuru Park drumming support for the son of  the murderous villain who killed his ancestors. To his credit, the man never pretended to care about Dujis and its people. He was elected in a moment of revulsion against Hussein Maendeleo and his preferred heir. His platonic ideals were bereft of substance and now the rookie is almost as washed-up as the man he replaced (maendeleo).

   In any case, since the man's greatest dream seems to be getting a sound-byte into the news cycles, he is doing a great a job at that. Now all our sweaty unintelligent MPs, who have an expiration date on their public service tenure know what to do. Make crazy statement in front of crowds, get in the news cycle as often as possible and wait your last days out.

 Here is a video of him welcoming the Ocampo Six.  The sad part is that we will be hearing this utter crap for almost another year and half depending on when elections take place in 2012.

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