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Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Police Recruitment Season Again!

 This Wednesday, April 27, 2011 is another chance for the post-pubescent children of Garissa to run exceptionally long distances and do a lot of other meaningless physical activities in an effort to join The Police Force. This year, the soulless recruitment process will lock out a lot more applicants since the grade requirements have been raised from a D plain to a C plain.

We all have untoward preconceptions about the Police Recruitment system and deservedly so. Its cruel, corrupt and non-meritocratic. Finagling and God-father sponsorship are the paradigm that predominate in this process. However, NEP PC, Ole Sirian [accused of participating in the Wagalla Massacre], is promising a clean and  "ethnically" balanced recruitment drive.

He is quoted by The Nairobi Star to have said:

This time round it won’t be business as usual for those who like using shortcuts. Let’s totally avoid corruption of any kind when conducting this exercise and do it in a professional way,” “The issue of clans is a very big one in this region and so in places where we have more than one clan, you will have to make sure that you balance and make sure that you distribute the slots equally. This is meant to avoid creating the impression that the recruitment only favoured members from one clan,” he added.
To all those who want to join the ranks of the masters of emasculated beggertude, I wish you nothing but the best. Your prayers for secure jobs will be answered by cold and dull stares from the eyes of overweight DCs, OCPDs and psychotic APs.

Finally, if you see, hear or sniff any corruption, flip on ur cellphone camera/audio and send me the grainy videos.
 Good Luck and inform all those who want to try out!  Read full story here.

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