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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick Hits: Matatu fares & Boda Boda problems

   As inflationary forces march on, matatu fares have fallen victim to its money-fleecing ways. Fares have risen by 50% in all routes. Now a ride costs 30 bob, up from the usual 20 Shs.


Friends, we all know Garissa has been growing by leaps and bounds lately but this growth has brought with it a whole new set of maladies. No, I'm not talking about drugs or excessively high property prices or the population boom. Its the Boda Boda industry and all the ailments that have come with it. The operators have no particular training and are the cause of many injuries and sometimes deaths.

A tipster e-mailed me about the recent death of a youngster after getting run-over by a Boda Boda. Another youth is in critical condition in the Garissa Provincial General Hospital after he was injured in a similar circumstance.

Its time these guys get dealt with.

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