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Monday, April 11, 2011

TJRC Hearings To Kick Off in Garissa Today

  The Truth Justice and  Reconciliation Commission will kick off its first public hearing in Garissa today. Among witnesses who are expected to appear before the commission are, former Chairman and 'criminal' Bethuel Kiplagat who served the Moi regime during the 1984 Wagalla Massacre, former Chief of General Staff Joseph Kibwana, NEP PC James Ole Sirian, former Ministers Mwiraria & G.G Kariuki. and former PC Francis sigei. All these men played a role in the massacre of 5000 innocent Somalis in Wajir in the infamous events of Wagalla.

   Lets also not forget about what happened during "Garissa Gubaay" and the many innocent Garissians who were unjustly killed by former regimes. The double standard in ID issuance, vetting committees, the rape and torture women in Mandera, the arbitrary arrest and rendition of Muslim Kenyans are just a few of the issues that we need addressed.

 The hearing is open to the public and all are encouraged to voice their grievances either in writing or by making an appearance in person to vent their frustrations. I personally hope many rabid Garissians frothing at their mouths will give the criminal witnesses a piece of their feelings.

   Its time to get a redress for those who were wronged and if possible, monetary compensation for all those who lost loved ones.

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