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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where is the Outrage NEP?

What is wrong with us Somali Kenyans? We generally seem to get the point that we've been ill-treated by successive regimes. We understand that we deserve better than second class citizenship yet we still give the benefit of the doubt to those who don't deserve it. Its become part of our nature.

I continue to be amazed by the remarkable passivity of Nepians. We never give any credence or attention to the constitution and its liberal ideals.
Take the TJRC hearings that were taking place in Garissa. Given the grave nature of the crimes perpetrated on Garissians by the Moi and Kenyatta regimes, there were virtually no protests or public rallies held to denounce the perpetrators or to show solidarity with the victims.

I actually think a remarkable number of our people have become apathetic and don't think their actions will bear any consequences. Mosques have lost whatever powers they've had before and the local media thinks its sole purpose is to play cheap commercials with rhyming quasi-poetic lines.

Now food and fuel prices are pushing many poor families who don't have philanthropic relatives in Western Europe or North America over the edge. Inflation and costs associated with rising fuel prices have made it impossible for the average family to live a decent life. This  adds to the already devastating effects of the prolonged drought. A litre of diesel goes for as much as Kshs. 123 in parts of NEP.We are getting screwed again, except this time round, its costing lives.

But the main point is, where the fuck is the outrage? Why aren't people coming out of their houses to protest?
The truth is, no one cares about NEP because Nepians don't give a fuck about themselves. It may not be nice to say this but the truth is rarely nice. The reason why no one-including our very own representatives-is placating us is because we don't matter and we won't until we become actively engaged in all that directly affects our lives.

We Somali Kenyans are a homogeneous bunch but beyond that we have nothing else in common. we don't believe that we share a common destiny. We are fragmented and hostile toward each other. Unlike our culture which is strongly egalitarian, we cower before our own "leaders".

To you, the high school graduate, University Student, unemployed youth, I say wake up and educate others about what is ailing us. Its up to us, the younger generation, to educate our fathers, mothers, relatives and friends on our rights. Next time a police officer from Kirinyaga asks for your ID, tell him you were born in Garissa and that he is the foreigner in Garissa.

There shouldn't be a shortage of inspiration given all thats been happening in the Arab world since January.

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