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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breaking News: Al Waqaf Ablaze

  One of the worst fires in a very long time is raging atop one of Garissa's most iconic buildings and at the heart of the city's business district. Al Waqaf Quran House is ablaze and because of the city's lack of fire engines and trucks nothing has been done about it.

The fires posses the grave risk of spreading to nearby buildings and causing much bigger damage. So far there have been no fatalities reported. The situation is very fluid hence much of what I'm reporting is based on first hand reports (from readers and fans) whose veracity I cannot vouch for.

As much as the Municipal council should be held criminally liable for negligence of duty, the business community should have had contingency plans in case this happened. Relying on an entity that has a checkered history for the safety of your business is pretty stupid. In any case, I believe the premise was insured and Mr. Kunow will probably recoup its full value.

Lets hope the winds don't spread the fire to Suuq Mugdi and its uninsured stalls.

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