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Friday, May 6, 2011

Genocidaires Associated with Wagalla Massacre summoned by TJRC

Let us stop for a minute and give a deserved applause to the men and women of the TJRC. Despite court battles and significant resistance from the masterminds of the Wagalla Massacre all aimed at stopping the commission from doing its work, these guys have stuck to their guns. And now comes the good news that we all wanted to hear: the genocidaires who refused to show up before the panel in its Wajir tour have now been summoned to appear before it in Nairobi.

Those summoned to appear before the TJRC include the who is who of murderous villainy.These high profile war criminals total 27 and include, Bethuel Kiplagat, Mwiraria, Joseph Kibwana, Jospeh Kaguthi, Benson Kaaria, among others.

All of these men have been adversely implicated in the massacre of 5 000 Somalis in Wajir. In their many different capacities, these men (and they are all men) have been the prototype for a mini-hitlerian plan to decimate Somali Kenyans. Lets hope justice catches up with them in this world because surely what awaits in the here after is far worse.

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