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Monday, June 13, 2011

Garissa, Meet Ahmed Nadhir Omar!

 I don't care much for the numerous pin-heads throwing their hats into the Senatorial and Gubernatorial races coming up in Garissa. Many of them strike me as vintage politicos, by which I mean they resemble the kind of candidates fronted by 'macawis' clad old men whose loyalties are readily available to the highest bidder.

Its no secret our current political discourse is pervaded by insufficiently intelligent old men committed to the traditional clanism paradigm. These men offer nothing but run-of-the-mill destructive politics and policy.

So as is clear to everyone but the alligator residents of the Tana River , our county needs change and a clear break with its personality (and clan) based politics. Conventional candidates in unconventional times is not what we need.

This is where young and previously untested candidates come in. Ahmed Nadhir Omar is a Gubernatorial candidate with impressive credentials. Listen to a speech he gave to a gathering of Garissians and make up your own mind about him. The videography is lame and the delivery was less than stellar but such are the pressures on those unfamiliar with public speaking.

The speech comes across as a brass-eared political consultant's idea of what the disengaged voters of  Garissa want to hear. Despite its generic and diagnostic nature, I was (mildly) impressed.

Note: I understand any mention of a particular candidate on this blog might be misconstrued as an endorsement or even a plug, so let me go out on a limp and categorically state that in this case it's not. Until we know more about this candidate and his plans for action, I will hold my cards close to my chest.

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