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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garissa's Greatest Football Coach; Abdirahman Bilal alias JB

 Even when outside the confines of Garissa Primary School field, Abdirahman or as he is fondly referred to by his friends Gerard/JB, creates a stir. Most Garissans are familiar with this broad shouldered master of football and mind games. He single handedly transformed Sunnah Boys from a minor league outfit to the city's most coherent and tactile group.

 In his wake, junior kids crowd around him to listen to the dry, politically incorrect humor that drips from his mouth. He has a flair for the dramatic much like his hero, Mourinho of Real Madrid, even though he models himself after Arsene Wenger. This modern day renaissance man is a comedian, a tactician, a master manager and a hafidh. He mastered the Qur'an at the tender age of 11, graduated in the top quartile of his class and gave the city some of its best footballing talents. 

Gerrard Occupies a rarefied place in the pantheon of Garissian celebrity. He is a manifestation of the wonders of  madrassa and the 8-4-4 system perfectly meshed to produce a man of many abilities and talents.  He has ascended to the top through grit, sword and an understanding of human psychology that many don't have.

When he is not on the field, he can be found among his friends in Bulla Sunnah.

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