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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Hate, More Daily Nation and More Yellow Journalism.

Responding to this kind of malicious slander and racist propaganda is becoming almost too tedious for this blog. The Daily Nation continues to double down on its racist, knee-jerk reaction to anything marginally associated with Somalis even if culpability doesn't lie with Somalis.

This week, their delusions are based on a nefarious (mis)understanding of what happened in Madogo. The monkey posing as an editor forgot to mention to the clown who penned this opinion that Tana North District isn't part of Garissa and that the OCPD was killed by raging Munyos- not Somalis. But why let facts stand in your way when you can score cheap political points.

The Daily Nation's disregard for basic accuracy is villainous and reeking of yellow journalism.

Eastleigh estate has been taken over and it is no longer regarded as part of Kenya. Indeed, many Kenyans rarely venture into Eastleigh because it is under siege from various Somali elements.
Many indigenous Kenyans (including Kenyan Somalis) have since left for other estates. I hear that some crooks even collect ‘‘protection fees’’ from business owners.

The whole article is riddled with innuendos and counter-factual claims that are not supported by basic common sense. If Kenyan Somalis are to thrive long term, they need to take on this Indian backed rag head on.
At a time of such great difficulty for many Somalis who are suffering as a result of drought, state sanctioned marginalization and internal conflict, its inhumane and against common human decency for a paper beholden to rich Indian benefactors to paint a whole community as anarchist, violent and anti-democratic.

To allow teachers at third rate colleges to slander a whole community without evidence because of their deep seated hatred for Somalis is against the course of natural justice. The retard who wrote this hateful fluff piece can be reached at
If you have a conscious, you'll e-mail this clown your reactions.

To read the full article, go here


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