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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Admin Police Officers Manhandle self-entitled Hassan Barre Dualle

Three days ago Mr. Hassan Barre Dualle, brother to our National Man of Idiocy and Dujis MP Adan Barre Dualle, was beaten up by Administration police officers in Garissa after he visited the Ministry of Immigration's offices seeking to renew his passport.

Admin Police officers claim that Mr. Dualle was overly rude and indignant towards immigration officers. However, the businessman refutes those claims and alleges the officers are operating as a cartel extorting money from Garissians seeking government services.

Civic leaders including the Mayor have added their voices to this mini-controversy and called for the transfer of these corrupt officers. However, our unelected dictator and Kikuyu Supremacist, Samson Macharia has accused  Garissans of wanting to "bulldoze" through the layered channels and "using forcing" to get services.

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