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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Garissa Police Arrest 70 in a Swoop on Chang'aa Den Kambi Moto

Another indication of the total inefficacy of Garissa's Ulamaa and the erosion of the city's Islamic identity comes to us via this report filed by Stephen Astariko.

Administration police officers yesterday raided chang'aa dens in Garissa town and its surroundings and arrested 70 people and seized 1,000 litres of chang'aa. Police officers were ordered to conduct the raids after receiving information from wananchi that criminals believed to be al Shabaab sympathisers were hiding in the dens.
Speaking after arresting the suspects and impounding more than 1,000 litres of chang'aa, Garissa acting DC Ambroce Lochokwe said that the raids are meant to flush out gangsters hiding in the dens. One youth who narrowly escaped the police dragnet said he had started seeing strange faces at the place that he frequented.
"One heavily built youthful looking man came here (kambi ya moto) two days ago and found me enjoying a glass of chang'aa and started asking me questions about this town. I then become suspicious about him, he disappeared before I raised the alarm," said the man who identified himself only as Musyoka. Lochokwe while briefing the media said the crackdown will continue until all the dens that harbour criminals are 'completely done away with.

Now I'm not against people who don't share my beliefs and values enjoying their evening pint so long as they are doing so legally and are not a threat to the public. But this popping up of dens where dangerous liquor is manufactured and sold is a threat to public health and safety.

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