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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Comprehensive Breakdown of NEP's Census Results

The disgraced Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya, released Kenya's census results after 12 months of severe doctoring and manipulation of data. If we are to take his widely discredited and fraudulent figures at face value, here is a breakdown of the census data with regards to NEP province:

 Mandera is the most populous district in the Province with a 1,025,756 people. {Male 559,943  Female 465,813}. Its also ranked as the tenth most populous county in the entire nation.

Mandera Central happens to be the fourth most populated constituencies in the country with 417,294 residents. Congrats!

SANITATION; MODE as a % of households
Septic tank: 0.4
Cess pool   ; 0.1

Goats           ;7,886,586
Camels         :1,700,893
Donkeys       :382,345
Pigs              :68  Seriously, who own these?
Chicken        :422,899
Comm Chick :71,313
Bee hives     :59,189

Ownership of Household Assets (as %)
Radio: 56.1
TV     :3.5
Mobile: 28.8
Computer: 0.6

The entire poplution of Kenyan Somalis is   2,385,572

<span>Census results for five constituencies have been nullified by the incompetent minister. These include</span>

Feel free to point out any errors and inconsistencies. I have every intention of compiling them, then buy an ad page in the Standard and the Daily Nation.

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