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Monday, September 6, 2010

What the cancelled census results mean for NEP.

By now everybody knows that this fascist petulant coalition government has decided to throw out census results from five constituencies in NEP. The ramification of this ill advised decision by the incompetent minister are far reaching and could severely curtail the influence of Somalis in all level of governance in the coming decades. It would also rob us of well deserved resources for another generation, maybe  more.

Census results are going to be used by the newly formed Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission to draw up Kenya's electoral map . By cancelling these results especially in the most populous parts of our province on intellectually dishonest grounds, this disgraced minister wants to deprive the people of NEP representation in the National Assembly come 2012.

Calculations derived from provisions included in the new constitution state that in sparsely populated regions, a constituency should have a population of between 93,197 and 170,079 people. Now if we use these figures to determine the number of new constituencies NEP should get, you'll be see why 'elites' are worried about our growing influence.

Lets breakdown & crunch the numbers for the five constituencies that were cancelled using the mean aggregate of the figures stipulated in the new constitution.
Mandera Central= 4 constituencies
Mandera West    = 3 constituencies
Mandera East     =  3 constituencies
Wajir        East     =  2  " "
Lagdera               =   2 "  "
Dujis                     =   3 "  "

Figures for Fafi, Wajir South, Wajir North, Wajir West and  Ijara have not been officially released yet but we all know atleast one of these constituencies has a population of over 200K hence  2/3 more constituencies to our impressive tally.   
After u add up the numbers, we will end up having between 22-25 constituencies in our province.  Thats what they want to take away from us. 
We have to stand up to this bullying and demand whats rightfully ours.


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