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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Govt to market North Eastern kenya

Govt to market North Eastern Kenya

Written By:Kamau Mbote, Posted: Fri, Sep 24, 2010

The government plans to make North Eastern a tourism hub to showcase its cultural diversity and unique tourist products.

Speaking to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Assistant Minister for Tourism Cecile Mbarire says the ministry is diversifying from the known safari and beach attractions to encourage more local and foreign tourists.

Kenya is best known internationally for its wildlife and white sand beaches and less known for its desert scenery and camel rides in the deserts.

According to the ministry of tourism this will be the new approach that the government will be taking to encourage more tourists in the area and uplift the living standard of the north eastern people.

The ministry is aiming to maximize on the potential of the Lamu-Ethiopia highway that will be passing through Garissa town.

Mbarire says Garissa can then be used as a transit town for business men and investors thereby showcasing its products and earning the local community a living by supplying meat and agricultural products to hotels and resorts.

The ministry also aims at working with the counties entrenched in the new constitution to develop tourism by formulating policies that favor tourism nationally, while counties will be allowed to come up with new innovative products.

Among activities that are set for this week include workshops to teach communities on eco and cultural tourism, tree planting, public events and a carnivore around Garissa town.

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