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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Untamed Beasts of NEP

      Shoot me for being a believer in fairies and I'll die believing the people of NEP have their better days ahead of them. The current brain-dead leadership in our region will not steer us to the promised land. I'm sure most of us would welcome any phantom over the current cadre of MPs who have lowered us several rungs below where we were in 2000. Between the last three MPs, we've heard ministers, assistant Ministers and generals who've held position of power and wealth. Where did all this great power and influence take us? An infrastructure worse than that of Ancient Greece,perennially failing schools, super-high unemployment and a lack of basic needs. A Leaddership that has encouraged and at times bank rolled intra-tribal conflicts for their own political gains. A power hungry class that divides people into class and clans to exploit them.

    Maybe this is the time for the Achebe reading youth of Garissa High, Umu Salama and Wajir High, who wouldn't mix well at the privileged tables but are bound to be an improvement over the current illiterate and socially connected class. This is time for the youth to vie for positions of leadership. Its the right time for 25 year olds from Nep who hold University degrees but are held in doldrums of despair and hopelessness to take up their rightful position in society.

I wish they would run and if they do, I'll wish them the very best. I hope no one goes to a voting booth to cast their vote for an incumbent.Its time for unleashing the untamed beasts.
Currently there are a number who are considering vying for positions. The likes of Devii, Sadeeq, Salah and numerous others who have decided to put themselves on the line for the greater good of the common class. Kick out the old guard for the fresh blood has far greater things to offer. Let the revolution start.


  1. It takes courage to free yourself from the shackles of tribalism and our people need to find that.
    Ohio, USA

  2. Its either the auther of this article is out of touch with reality or must have under the influence of something.
    Garissa town is in a better shape than most other towns in Kenya and relatively good percentage of the folks live a decent like.

    What did Devii, sadeeq and salah, did to warrant them an avenue to submit their names for consideration? Stop halucinating

    Billow, Rwanda

  3. Looking at only one specimen out of many does not make your assertion true or refute mine. Garissa's growth has nothing to do with any of the MPs we've elected in the recent past. This is rather due to an influx of investment from the diaspora coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit of locals who are becoming smarter by the day.

    Sankuri, Raya, Mbalambala and may other satellite towns experience drought and disease outbreak because the economic boom in Garissa hasn't trickled down to these God forsaken places.
    I would rather have a fresh face than an old one that has never done anything for the region. Given the platform I'm sure the youth will deliver on a much bigger scale.