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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Underselling the future for a few acres of land

   Who would have thought that in 2010, after years of watching Somalia disintegrate , Garissa's people would resurrect the tribalist cranks in their ranks, the descendants of Aideed and Abdullahi Yussuf. Historians will look back on this era as a time of temporary insanity brought about by lack of leadership and a failure of civil activists. The Ulamaa  have underperformed in marking their niche in society and using their bully pulpits for the propagation of God's message of peace, love and harmony. This might seem like another one of those depressing human habits of placing blame where it does not belong but upon a close review you'll find out all the aforementioned players have failed in their respective duties. At a time of boom for our city it will be a gross underselling of our future for a regression into a painful and a dark past.

  Lets join our hands together as one and give up on tribalism for the promise of a brighter future. This city is destined for greatness so lets not lose sight of the future for the pleasures of a few acres of barren and  an unproductive land.

 We the youth should be the architects of this century. Lets refused to used by illiterate men whose self esteem is derived from their tribe. We are the generation that has the solutions to all our problems. Stop delegating your powers to men who see no use in life other than playing the tribe card.

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