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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Open Letter to Garissa City Blog Fans.

I want to sincerely thank you for the honor of your support and contributions to the growth of this experiment in grassroots activism. This multi media, multi faceted campaign in bringing down the walls of tribalism, bigotry and marginalization that have held and are still holding back our region has been a success so far. Our war of words with KTN with regards to their derogatory & vile coverage of Somalis has been a tremendous boost to our popularity and fan base.  I'm sure the serious backlash that the media house has received over their bias has taught a lot of you the power of individuals when they act together spontaneously to correct injustices great or small.

Onto the real reason for this open letter. As some of you might have noticed, I have been less ubiquitous these days and my posts have been few and far in between. At a time when stories on Garissa have been popping up in my inbox with such a high frequency, such absences have led to a few big stories not getting the coverage they deserve. I call upon the youth whose views overlap with mine to come forward and become regular contributers to this forum.

If any of you are interested, please write to me at E-mail me your stories, insights and in-depth analysis of all issues Garissa. Lets this finally put an end to the lazy conflation that folks in Garissa are illiterate and not ready to take charge of their future. Given the fact that Governors elections and other major changes are coming soon, a dedicated youthful internet driven change becomes more necessary than ever.

Your Truly,
Editor at large
Garissa City Blog
H. A


  1. So nice of you to comeback. Finally something fresh stuff to read.

  2. one of my faves. check out my entry in your e-mail

  3. Good to have you back reading the blogs,especially your blog

  4. Thank you guys for your warm words. They mean a lot to me.
    Hawa, special thanks to you sis. Lets toss to Sister power.