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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Daily Nation Peddles another cheap tabloid Somali Story

Crime whether by Somalis or others is reprehensible and should face the wrath of the law. I'm not an apologist for criminals, Somali or otherwise, but what is the point of plagiarizing a New York Times article on crimes committed by Somali Americans and what is its relevance to Kenya? None of the criminals are Kenyan. None of the innocent young girls abused is Kenyan. Does this mean from today henceforth, all crimes committed in America, including those by Mexican drug cartels, African Americans, White supremacist tin hat groups will be covered in Kenya's biggest tabloid paper? I'm sure its a shameful thing for any Muslim or Somali to partake in, but what makes this story worthy of coverage?

For a media house that is subservient to Indian owned corporations, its intentions are suspect.Has the monkey posing as an editor who decided to run this story forgotten about millions of Kenyan sex slaves including children as young as 9 peddled to serve the fetishes of tourists? Before running this slanderous tabloid story maybe they should pay more attention to their wretched brethren at the coast who pimp children and increase the prevalence  of HIV among their fellow chimps or their Indian benefactors who specialise in all forms of slavery including and not limited to the abuse of Kenyan labourers.

For clowns who are not familiar with the nuances and struggles of refugees in America, its irresponsible to sensationalize a story that happened thousands of kilometers away for the purpose of insulting Kenyan Somalis who are a decent lot and have a clean record when it comes to the myriad of social vices that plague this country.

I have no problems with adoons drinking to their grave, hacking their families to death and pimping their children for a gunia of maize so long as they keep us out of it. 
I know I've been over the top with my rants this time round but I'm not gonna apologize for it. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna sit around while the honour of my people is insulted by a brain addled 'cabiid.'

Here is the aforementioned New York Times article and here is the sensational headline chosen by the retarded morons at Daily Nation.

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