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Friday, November 26, 2010

Abu Dhabi gives Sh.800m for the construction of Garissa-Modogashe Highway

The Abu Dhabi Fund For Development (ADFD) has given Sh.800m to Kenya's ambassador to the UAE, Mohammed Gillo, for the construction of a single carriage (two lane) highway link between Garissa and Modogashe.

This 135Km link will improve the livelihoods of a lot of Northerners and cut travel time between the two towns. Lets hope this money will not be diverted to personal accounts or other regions.

For further reading, go here and here.


  1. how will this money be adequate because last time they tarmacked with 720 million from garissa to modiakare which is just 10 km distance so how we ready to fight so that another mistake wont happen again

  2. that news is not new to us, we`ve have been hearing it in the last one and so years.I was recently just 3 months ago heard mr. kenyatta in media briefing and also parliment telling the sources of fund for the cunstruction of that road. it`s not Abu dhabu that is contributing. there is also kuwait that has paid 800m,Ksh, the K of saudi arabia has paid 1,6bKsh,the gov.qatar 600m, islamic/arab bank 2b,Ksh and he said G.kenya will add their share of 1,3b Ksh. he said total budget for that road would be 10b Ksh and we are lacking 1,7b and once we get a donation for that,we will start the work.

  3. can anyone tell me, why we have an airstrip and barracks inside G town? why don´t they relocate it to outskirts of gsa, and convert the place to some other sorts of things like playground or shoppingcenter? that field and those buildings are very ugly.