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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Graphic Video: Overloaded Pickup overturns somewhere in Kenya

A dangerously overloaded pickup truck overturns in one of Kenya's roads.The occupants of the pickup seem to be Muslim with some wearing Kanzus and chanting "La ilaha ila'Lah." We gather that Muslims were protesting even though their grievances are not yet known to this blog. There were a number of non-muslims who could be seen escaping from the vehicle as well.

The video recorder can be heard mouthing ethnic slurs, declaring that it seems "Just like Mogadishu."
Whatever the reasons were for this overload, they certainly turned out to be deadly for the occupants of the automobile and this is another stark reminder to all of us on the impotance of practicing safe driving.

A figure on casualties hasn't been available.

Double click to watch the video

Updated at 12.20pm

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