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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Hits

Here are a few interesting things I wanted to share;

A Councillor from the Mt. Kenya region is single handedly trying to repopulate Kenya with sons and daughters of Agikuyu. Having noticed  the population of his ward had gone down year after year, he came up with an ingenious idea of monetary incentives for every pregnancy and birth ( I guess life birth).
For every pregnancy, a woman will earn a whopping Sh. 500 and every birth (life) Sh. 2000 bringing a whole new sense to the Kikuyu and money cliche. Full story as it appeared on The Daily Nation can be read here.

Our friend from Gichugu, Martha Karua, the woman who thinks Nepians are refugees is calling for foreigners to take up 43% of positions in the country's supreme court. I guess the new constitution protects a person's right to their own warped delusions but for this woman to suggest all 39 million Kenyans are myopic tribalists is a travesty. Did she forget the IIEC & KNCHR? And don't get me started on foreigners unless by that she meant  Somali Pirates, who are the only people in Africa known to provide social justice in their regions of operation.

The debate on whether to ban  the archaic KCPE tests has been gaining momentum as more and more powerful groups throw their support behind a proposal to make secondary education truly universal. This is an important development as this two and a half day exam does not in anyway reflect the capability of students especially those from less developed regions. I will write a lengthy entry dedicated to this issue alone.
Glad to know there are few thinking Kenyans in the National Assembly.

Finally this sad thing happened;

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