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Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Incredible subversion of Justice

     On September 6, I wrote an article on this blog about the ramifications of the cancelled census results for NEP and true to my predictions, if a document leaked to The Standard is anything to go by, the people of NEP  will be robbed and subjected to under representation for another generation.

 The proposal put forward by the Interim Internal Boundaries Commission (IIBRC) are farcical & fraudulent .Whatever fancy algorithms they used to allocate the additional constituencies are inconsistent with the realities of population dynamics.  For Central Province to get 5 additional constituencies while Nep got only 6 is inexplicable given that the population of NEP has gone up by over 100% in the last decade and that of Central  has gone down.

Coast Province has a population of 3.3M and gets 26 slots in the national assembly, Nairobi has a population of 3.1M and gets17 slots, meanwhile Western with a population of 4.3M will get 34 representatives. The sheer ludicrousness of how the men and women  entrusted with the redistricting of this nation fell short of their jobs is breath taking.
MPs from other parts of the country are already up in arms over this ridiculous bungling but the incompetent weaklings  we've sent to represent us in the national assembly are as expected keeping  mute as our share of the national cake gets snatched.

If you read the earlier entry on this subject you'll have some understanding of how these allocations are done and how the mathematical figures  used to redistrict populous places such as Nairobi is different from the parameters used in NEP. The good people of NEP who have been sidelined since independence won't back down from demanding a fair shake from the IIBRC. We deserve at the very least 22 constituencies and we will not stop pestering everyone about them until justice is done.
The birth of a noisy NEP based professional movements is helping the situation. There are already a number of petitions that are making the circles in Garissa and collecting signatures to warn our elected members who chicken out from taking the war directly to the commissioners and the sycophant media.
We'll inform you if an online petition is set up so you can sign up. In the meantime call you member of parliament and ask what happened to our additional seats!!

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