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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The War on Corruption comes to Garissa

For as long as we can recall Police officers posted in Garissa saw it as an opportunity to enrich themselves and fill up their coffers with illegally earned money. They engaged and enabled human trafficking and weapons smuggling . They detained Kenyans on false premises, extorted money from small businesses and canvassed the town for anyone who might have left their IDs at home. While the rest of our fellow patriots celebrated their days with Busaa and drunk themselves to oblivion, we were busy memorizing the names of all chiefs in Garissa and its environs so as not to fail our upcoming vetting by people who are not natives of this town. Most of us thought help would never arrive and waited for better days with bated breath. Not anymore!

 This week, the spineless KACC nabbed six senior police officers for their alleged corrupt activities. I say alleged because its the correct legal verbiage here but in the court of public opinion they are guilty and condemned already.
The six thugs include, NEP deputy PPO Philip Ndolo, Deputy provincial criminal investigations officer, his deputy and two other senior commanders.

As citizens of Garissa, we are glad that the normally vapid PLO Lumumba is going after this serious cancer. Where our brain addled leaders have failed to deliver, Lumumba is already showing good signs. Many of you remember senior Immigration Officers including the deranged minister's personal assistant and head of refugee affairs at Nyayo were rounded up following  infiltration by Somali KACC officers disguided as aliens seeking documentation.
Rooting this evil out will be quite a reach and is set to take a long long time but the people of Garissa have developed the necessary patience over the years. we hope Mr. I-memorized-the-thesaurus- Lumumba will deliver on his promises.

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