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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Of Blasts, xenophobia and Somali victimhood mentality

  The bus blast that occurred in Nairobi on Monday night will mean another field day for xenophobes and conspiracy theorists alike. They'll use this incident to ratchet up the volume of their hate speech and I-told-you-so campaign mantra. The police might respond in one of their trade mark "human fishing" expeditions in Eastleigh. No facts will stand in their way including the fact that Police have identified Albert Mulanda, a Tanzanian national, as the sole person behind the heinous act  that took the lives of two people, including the bomber himself, in River Road yesterday. While I wouldn't write off the participation of terror groups in organizing the act, I'll let the semi-professional police do their work and connect the dots. That said, The Kenyan fearfully paranoid mindset should not be whipped into a terrified frenzy by hyping this latest attack. Turning Somalis into bogeyman for all the violence that is going on in the region will further destabilize the country. Any subsequent monumental over reaction to the verbal bluster of Al-shabab might lead to disastrous consequences for Kenya's foreign policy, safety and internal cohesion.

 While this incident might be used by xenophobic local commentators and policemen who are interested in lining their pockets with some cash for Christmas shopping, Somalis should come out swinging against this act, condemn it and offer the police all the help they can. At the very least this will establish a degree of good will between law enforcement and the larger Somali community.Instead of offering ourselves at the alter of self martyrdom and waiting for people to take pity on us, you and I, and other whose ideas overlap with ours should take on the system in defense of our people.

I do not want to enter a new realm that I do not understand very well and thus end up confusing my readers instead of enlightening them. Therefore, I'll spare you anymore of my off the cuff platitudes and poor substances and urge you to write to me what you think we can do change the  Somali alienation that is taking hold in Kenya.

 Alshabab is now holding any Somali anywhere hostage, more so, Somali Kenyans who fall victims to police swoops anytime such acts take place in Kenya.

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