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Saturday, December 18, 2010

In defense of Gen. Mohamed Ali & others

   As a Somali Kenyan, I am shocked to see a fellow Somali and five other hardworking Kenyans getting threatened with prosecution by white men whose sole interest in Africa has been and will always be the perpetuation of poverty and ignorance. Gen. Ali is helping the marginalized masses of the North East get their fair share of the national pie. We want him to remain at the helm of Postal Corporation so he can divert all letters containing cash to addresses in Garissa, Wajir and Mandera. More so this Christmas holiday period when many Kenyans are sending their hard earned cash to family members in mashinani.

  Just like Somalis, Kikuyu Kenyans deserve to have their man at Treasury. Because of him, a lot of kids in Central and parts of Rift valley have food to eat and a place to sleep. His private security firm, Mungiki Inc has hired a lot of otherwise hopeless men and given them a dignified life. Now they can freely roam villages and extort small business protection fees. In short Uhuru Kenyatta is the Robin Hood of this century.
Ambassador Muthaura is a senile old man who has hired millions of GEMA members to serve the public. He was a reliable source of employment for Meru graduates. What will happen to all those young Meru men who were relying on him for jobs once they finished university?

  Representing the Kalenjin community are Messrs Ruto and Kosgey. Ruto and Kosgey are in equal parts James Bond and Red cross. These two men stood up for their tribe when kikuyus were over-running kalenjin land. They also helped their relatives get lucrative land parcels in Mau forest and jobs in government Parastatals under their dockets. If your cousin is qualified enough to run an office why give it to someone else?

 The liberal intelligentsia that is always swift in calling for the resignation of those involved in organizing rape, murder and graft should be ready to fork out checks for all the families that derived their sustenance from these men. Who will give Wanjiku money for her husbands funeral who died of drinking methylated alcohol?

 Has Ocampo stopped to think about any of these question before he came up with his politically motivated list? Any Kenyan of average intellect should dismiss this list as machination of the west meant to harm Somalis, Kikuyus and Kalenjins.

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