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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garissa High School Clobbered in National Basketball Games

Oh man, how it must feel to be a Garissa High School fan, jock or student right now. It stings like hell. Our hopes for a Cinderella story where a team from the forgotten North East overcomes the long odds to become national basketball champions were quashed late Tuesday thus making the improbable super impossible.

Our boys were clobbered in some of the most lopsided games since Pro's were allowed to participate in  the special Olympics. (Ok, that never happened but imagine if it did).

 In their first match, GHS played Kamusinga School where they were treated to a score of 135-8 with our boys sinking only four baskets during the entire match. As far as crapiness goes , this was historic and unprecedented .

Their second outing was against Upper Hill where again they were thrashed 112-14 in another one-sided game.
Now lets hope for some consolation in the third and pointless match. Hopefully, the boys will sink at least 8 baskets in this one.

That said, I'm sure we all knew a team that has never had the requisite preparation wouldn't do well  in national sports, so this isn't much of a surprise.

Watch out for the girls though. I am sure NEP won't do any worse than GHS.

 For those of you who really don't care about this stuff, good choice. More power to you!

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