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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garissa Youth Rally Against Drug Abuse

   Hundreds of peaceful youth staged a protest against the proliferating use of drugs in Garissa- coinciding, fortuitously, with the Easter Weekend when a lot of non-muslim Garissians engage in heavy drinking. The procession marched through the streets of Garissa chanting anti-drug slogans and raising awareness on the detrimental effects of drugs on health.

Who better to adjudicate matters of youth morality, disputes and problems than the youth themselves. This effort also helps re-inforce the Ulamaa's stance on drugs since reaction to them has always swinged between hostility to downright mockery.

After the procession ended, groups of youth went back to their bachelor pads for a well-deserved 'miraa chewing session.'  [ I totally made this up]

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