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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mogadishu Girls Basketball Team

UPDATE: Mogadishu Girls made it to the Semi-Finals of the tournament eventually finishing in third place after they beat fellow semi-finalists Nairobi. 

 If you don't know what I'm about to tell you, you've probably been living under an acacia tree in some Alshabab controlled village for the past week.

 Ladies & Gentlemen, Mogadishu is no longer satisfied with dominating the "war scene". That's why the world's most violent city has sent its best girls to conquer East Africa's women's basketball competition.

The hotties were quite impressive in their first outing against reigning champions Nairobi Girls and almost gave us the biggest upset of the tournament. The match was full of alley-oops, hook shots, great dribbles, excellent passes and overall, an outstanding display of basketball. All this achieved with just two weeks of training. You hear that Garissa High School? Speak of making it against the odds!

This's in stark contrast to Garissa High School's effete crew of muscle-atrophied "jocks" who were hapless in all their three matches at the recently concluded KSSSA Kakamega Games.

Embedded Below is a video of the remarkable and inspirational Mogadishu Girls. Just ignore the douchy reporter's claims that Somali women are culturally subjugated. As far as I know, our women are some of the most opinionated and fiercely liberal women in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab league {Think Hawa Tako & Company}. And its not like cabiid women are associated with any kind Feminism, militant or intellectual.

Crossing my fingers for a Cinderella story here.

In unrelated news, Garissa might host the Kenya Secondary Schools Games next year. Read full story here

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