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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garissa High Upgraded to a National School

Hey Garissans! Can I have everyone's attention? I've got a big announcement to make here. Call in Caliyow and halima, I don't want them to miss this.

In Garissa, you may have heard, we are big fans of hand-outs and undeserved upgrades. So understandably we are over-joyed by the news that our most famous school is getting upgraded to "national" status. And that's not the end of this great piece of news. The cherry on top of the awesomeness that is this cake : the school gets Sh. 25M to help in upgrading its facilities.

Financially, this has been a windfall year for Garissa High. The school has amassed about Sh. 30 million from the Government and Unicef. Remember, the school was also designated as a sports talent nurturing academy. That designation came with close to Sh. 5 million in backing!


Lets all remember that Garissa High does not deserve this promotion. Its academically inferior to most schools in other parts of the country and that has nothing to do with marginalization or socio-economic disparities.

Majority of students in the school are either self entitled brats or fatalistic stoners who do not work hard for anything. The Principle is a perpetual absentee administrator with political ambitions and a self-aggrandizing persona. The parents do not give a rat's ass about how the school is run. Clearly thats not a national school culture.

If Garissa high wants to be welcomed into a league that includes Starehe Boys & Alliance High, the schools laissez faire attitude toward failure and mediocrity has to be shed. In its place should come selectivity and rigorous curriculum. 

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