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Monday, May 16, 2011

Profiles in Modern Discrimination {Citizen TV}

 Citizen TV profiled Mohamud Hussein, a 21-year old Garissa resident whose efforts in trying to acquire national Identity card have been rendered futile due to discriminatory policies put in place by a modern day fascist government.

Every time we belly up to the filthy inarticulate explanations offered by authorities, their dishonesty embarrassingly bares itself out.The way the buffoonish D.C contemptuously addresses an issue that riles up emotions in NEP, as though it were sideshow clearly shows how little regard he has for the complaints of the public. He kept referring to us "These people" and "Hawa Watu" as though we are some alien population.

The very same man who has enriched himself [through bribe solicitations] by lording this document over genuine Kenyans is condescendingly pointing fingers at us. What a sham!

I am glad that Citizen TV has brought light to an issue that we Somali Kenyans are passionate about.

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