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Monday, May 16, 2011

Martha Karua turns to Ageism to disparage Yussuf Hassan

The Kamkunji by-election is turning out to be a crash course in all the vile things Kenya's politics is capable of. We've seen everything from racism to religious discrimination to tribal politics to violent intimidation and now comes the only other form of discrimination xenophobes could think of: Ageism.

In a much  publicized confrontation, Martha Karua turned to her natural talent of discriminating against non-kikuyus/sycophants to drum support for her minion (Brian weke), but this time round her excuse was the age of Yussuf Hassan.

In a belligerent display of ageism, Karua claimed that Yussuf Hassan's age disqualifies him from holding public office. Remember, this very woman in what is becoming characteristic, referred to Somalis as "refugees" and also refused to ask her puppet, Weke, to apologize for his outlandishly racist campaign tone.

Leave it to Yussuf to muzzle the Gichugu witch with a zany zinger that went something like this:

“If it is about age and voting for young people then may be my sister (Ms Karua) here should also drop her quest to be president because we are the same age,”

Read full story here.

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