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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Did You Miss The Memo?

I hope ur blog does not turn into a forum for self adulation, unnecessary vilification and should i say amnesia. Whether ur blog serves ulterior motives or whether it is for the great and good of our people will be informed to a large extent by the kind of bent and reporting stance u employ. If u choose to be slanted and biased, u loose the moral high ground. On the other hand if u choose to  be  honest and impartial, u would have vindicated yourself through ur medium. So bro, follow the above and u might strike a chord with ur audience or deviate and u might be just another grandee blurb on and on.
 your blog offers not much useful advice. u seem to be reporting news, events and at times attacking politicians

        Musa, Northampton.

True I guess. Also I offer nothing by way of useful advice to people trying to learn how to play "Diisow" or emigrate to Europe through Ukraine. That's not what the blog is about.

Finally does the fact that 100% of what I report here being factual and accurate count for anything? I'm sure the hundreds of Garissans who read this blog daily see some value in it.

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