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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sh. 1 Billion Allocated for Irrigation Projects in NEP.

 In his budget speech, Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, unveiled a Sh. 1 billion plan aimed at alleviating extreme poverty and hunger in NEP by placing 5575 acres of land under irrigation. The minister projects the scheme will help an estimated 34 000 Nepians directly (and possibly hundreds of thousands indirectly.)

The Minister has also set a side Sh. 425 million for the purpose of setting up additional slaughter houses in Arid areas and a further Sh. 490 million for the establishment of a livestock fund.

74.. Our fellow Kenyans who live in northern Kenya have continued to suffer from conflict,hunger and famine, especially due to drought. To start a journey of building resilience and instituting a permanent source of livelihood, I have allocated Ksh.1 billion to be shared equally to initiate: (i) a 1,500 acres of irrigation at Rahole in Garissa; (ii) 2,000 acres at Abasweni in Wajir; and (iii) 2,075 acres of irrigation at Daua clusters in Mandera. When completed, these projects will benefit a total of 34,000 people of North Eastern who live in those areas.

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